Digital Technology

Digital Technology Huntersville New technology has revolutionized dentistry, paving the way for a more comfortable and efficient patient experience. Our dentists utilize digital scans, X-rays and intraoral cameras to improve our ability to deliver accurate and predictable dental treatments and restorations. These technologies make your visit to Cosmetic Dentistry of the Carolinas pleasant and educational.

Dr. Tyler Wurmlinger is a proud new owner of Cosmetic Dentistry of the Carolinas who continues our excellent reputation with innovative treatments in a welcoming environment. Dr. Ross Nash started our dental practice in 1980 and expanded with his wife, Dr. Debra Engelhardt, a dental practice management expert. Over the years, Dr. Nash has implemented new technology to offer world-class dental care. Our dentists believe top-notch dentistry services begin with state-of-the-art technology.

Digital Scanning

A digital scanning device produces highly detailed 3D dental impressions and looks like a wand or large pen. The intraoral scanner fits comfortably in a patient’s mouth and creates images in real time on a computer screen, a significant improvement over the traditional technique. Many of our patients remember the old-fashioned impressions involving polyvinyl siloxane (PVS) placed in the mouth. PVS material was goopy, messy and time-consuming for patients and dental technicians.

Digital scanners offer quick and easy digital dental impressions and eliminate the need for uncomfortable molds in the mouth. The instant delivery of high-resolution images allows dentists and patients to visualize their bite and dental issues and zoom in on troublesome areas.

Digital dental impressions are used to create dental restorations. The data can be sent to our CAD-CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) system to fabricate a same-day dental crown, dental bridge or denture right in our office. These impressions offer highly accurate scans that reduce the “re-do” rate for restorations. Patients and dentists find little to no adjustments necessary, leading to faster follow-up appointments and a better overall outcome.

Digital X-Rays

Digital Technology Huntersville Dental imaging is a powerful tool for dentists to diagnose and treat tooth and gum concerns. Digital dental X-rays are an upgrade from traditional film-based X-rays. Instead of X-ray film wedged into areas of the mouth, our dentists use digital sensors to create higher-quality X-ray images that are immediately saved on a computer. Patients often report they’re more comfortable to place in the mouth than the larger, stiffer traditional film trays. Dental technology lets our dentists view your digital X-rays immediately, whereas traditional X-ray film had to be developed first.

Digital X-rays create high-resolution images with more information than old-fashioned film, so our dentists can see more details in the gums, teeth and other oral structures. Traditional X-ray film can’t be enlarged for a closer look because it’s limited to the actual size of the film. This technology improves the diagnostic rate for oral health concerns by providing clearer images and zooming capabilities. Digital X-rays give our dentists an accurate, close-up view to see hidden areas with decay, gum disease, tumors or bone infections that are otherwise undetectable during a dental exam.

Diagnosing oral health concerns in their early stages saves patients money, time and pain because dental disease is easier to treat when it’s found early on. A tooth-colored filling for a small cavity is more manageable than a root canal and dental crown once the tooth decay has progressed and damaged the pulp inside the tooth.

Your digital X-rays are stored in our computers for easy access. Our staff can quickly and easily print copies of the images to send through our electronic system to insurance companies and speed up the claims process.

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras are tiny digital cameras that take detailed images of difficult-to-reach areas in the mouth. These devices are valuable tools in identifying problems in troublesome areas outside our dentists’ view. The camera is about the size of a writing utensil and moves around the mouth to take detailed images of the gum tissues, tooth surfaces and other oral structures. Our dentists can enlarge these images for a closer look. The intraoral camera has video capabilities and is often used to capture broken restorations, plaque buildup, tooth fractures and bleeding gums.

Digital cameras for intraoral use are typically a comfortable experience. The pen-like, handheld device is fitted with a tiny lens on its tip that connects to our computer system to transmit images that the patient and dentist can see. Our dentists can choose the shots they want to examine in more detail and save these photos to your records.

The images captured with intraoral cameras help our dentists make accurate diagnoses. Intraoral cameras offer the best way to view problematic areas of the mouth and ensure our dentists create the right treatment plan by providing all of the visual information necessary for diagnosis. Patients can better understand their oral health and dental problems as they view the images and video and are more likely to get on board with the proposed treatment because they can see the issue on the computer screen.

Benefits of Dental Technology

Digital technology is the mark of an advanced dental office that keeps up with the ever-evolving industry. These dental devices improve the patient experience and deliver better diagnoses and higher-quality restorations. Many patients prefer the use of digital scanners, X-rays and intraoral cameras over traditional tools and workflows. Our new patients are happy to see that Cosmetic Dentistry of the Carolinas uses these technologies.

Digital dental technology offers patients a more relaxing visit to the dentist. Some patients dread the putty-like goop of traditional impressions or the uncomfortable wedges used for X-ray film, but new technology makes these concerns obsolete. Happy dental patients are less stressed about their dental procedures and more likely to pursue their treatment plans when they have a comfortable scanning or X-ray experience and can view their tooth or gum issue on the screen.

The digital devices and software we use at our Huntersville, North Carolina, office allows for the early detection of oral health problems with more detailed images and improves the patient-doctor relationship by giving patients a better understanding of their dental concerns.

The data provided by scanners, X-rays and intraoral cameras on digital platforms improve the insurance claims process by offering visual proof that the proposed procedure or treatment is necessary.

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